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* Items may be cooked to order or may contain raw ingredients. * Consuming cooked to temperature, raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

All boils are seasoned with our signature Wu’s Seasoning and are served with corn, potatoes and sausage.

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Sea Food

$22lb 1/2 lb | $35 lb
Lobster Tails (split)
$32 1/2 lb | $50 lb
Snow Crab

All flavors served with melted butter. $2 charge to any additional flavor

Wu’s seasoning – smoked salt, cumin, garlic, onion, parsley {mild}
kimchi lemon butter – house-made kimchi, lemon butter {mild}
asian – ginger, miso, sesame, chili, lime, cilantro {medium}
curry – red bell pepper, white curry, scallion, yogurt {medium}
Chunky Cajun – black pepper, crushed red, jalapeno {hot}
Chili Garlic – crushed red chili/garlic, lemon, scallion {hot}
Fresh Jerk – serrano, fresno, cilantro, lime, togarashi {hot}
make {extra hot} or {over the top hot}

All Ramen Noodles are made in-house


Gumbo Ramen* (A WU’S SIGNATURE)
gumbo base, andouille, ramen noodles, crawfish, charred cabbage, kimchi marinated soft egg



Chicken Curry Noodles
thigh, home-made curry tossed ramen, cilantro
Grilled Scallion Noodles
fresno chili, grilled scallion peanut pesto, korean bbq sauce


ginger miso marinated


Tuna Poke*
marinated tuna, ginger, lime, cilantro, jalapeño
Noodle Salad
kale, crispy quinoa, carrot, tomato, onion, fresno chili, corn

ADD: Grilled Shrimp +6, Seared togarashi Tuna* +6, fried chicken +4, grilled chicken +4


Wu’s House
kale, iceberg, charred cabbage blend, carrot, tomato, corn, crunchy ramen bits, soy-orange vinaigrette
Chopped Kale
peanut crusted fried goat cheese, carrot, fresno chili, red onion, crispy quinoa, miso-ginger vinaigrette
Cajun blue cheese Wedge
iceberg, tomato, blue cheese crumbles, red onion, crispy andouille, cajun blue cheese dressing


Kung Pao Cauliflower ( A WU’S SIGNATURE )
fried, tossed, scallions, sesame, fresno chili
Buttermilk Fried Calamari
kimchi lemon butter, cilantro, jalapeño
Boudin Gator Balls
fried rice/gator, tasso ham gravy
Sushi Rice Tuna Poke*
marinated raw tuna, ginger, lime, cilantro, jalapeño, fried wontons
Wu’s Cajun Gumbo
gumbo base, andouille, crawfish, rice
BBQ Shrimp
skillet seared, beer, worcestershire, lemon butter, scallion, grilled bread
Raw Oysters*
$14 HLF DZN | $22 DZN
Kimchi cocktail sauce, white wine gochujang mignonette, lemon wedge
Shrimp Toast
minced shrimp, scallion, sesame, white bread
Crawfish Fried Rice
dirty rice, crawfish tails, scallion, egg, peanuts, asian sauce
Dirty Rice
andouille sausage, green peppers, cajun seasoning
Charred Slaw
grilled cabbage, 7 pepper ranch, ramen noddle bits
Roasted Broccoli
miso ginger vinaigrette, crispy quinoa
Wu’s Street Corn
miso mayo, togarashi, parm, cilantro, lime


Togarashi Tuna*
seared sashimi, jalapeño, carrot, goat cheese, spicy mayo
Cajun Fried Crab Roll
cajun seasoning, money sauce, spicy mayo, green onion, goat cheese, cilantro, fresno chili
Crawfish Salad Roll
crispy andouille, peanuts, korean bbq sauce, spicy mayo
Fried Gator
tasso ham, cilantro, fresno chili, money sauce, green onion


Jerk Calamari Po Boy
crispy fried, fresh jerk, red neck remoulade, iceberg, tomato
Blackened Catfish
miso mayo, charred cabbage, grilled scallion peanut pesto
Fried Chicken
crispy thigh, cilantro, kimchi-beer mopped, charred slaw


Apple-Ginger Pie Eggroll
bourbon caramel, vanilla ice cream
Grilled Pineapple Foster
toasted peanuts, vanilla ice cream
Bread Pudding
blueberry, goat cheese, pecans, bourbon caramel
Buttermilk Beignets
powdered sugar